B2.Spice A/D Circuit Simulation Software

Announcing the Third Release of 2014 for Windows 8


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  • Mixed-Mode Capable
    Seamless Mixed-Mode Simulations involving both analog and digital parts
  • Power-Packed Features: More for Less!
    Features that were formerly found only in programs costing much more can now be found in B2.Spice A/D, plus some that our competitors don't even have. Learn more...
  • Easy to Set Up and Use
    The easiest, most intuitive, Spice program on the market
  • Fast and Accurate
    All the computational power and professionalism you expect from a top-notch Spice program
  • What's New in Release 2014?
    Improved user interface and streamlined schematic entry with significantly expanded keyboard shortcuts, a large collection of signal processing and black-box system blocks, more varied nonlinear and modulated source types and arbitrary temporal waveforms, live dynamic timing diagrams during digital circuit simulation, a reorganized Device Editor with integrated Symbol Editor accessible from inside the main application for managing and expanding the parts database, and much more...

Praise for B2.Spice A/D