In this example, we will be looking at how to export a Workshop schematic back to Eagle and any issues that arise with that.

Once you have your circuit laid you in Workshop and you're ready to send it back to Eagle, go to the "File->Eagle->Export to Eagle Schematics" menu and type in a name for the file and where to save it.

Workshop will then create a Script file that Ealge can read.

Once that is done, run Eagle and have it execute the script file that was just created in Workshop. Eagle will then start placing parts from the script file. During this process you might receive some error messages saying that Eagle wasn't able to find a device and will list the device@library. This is most common when you're using a version of Eagle before version 4. Make note of the part and try finding a replacement once the importing process is done.

Also, you might receive messages asking if you want to connect certain nets. This is due to the differences between Eagle and Workshop and how wires are named, drawn and exported. It is usually fine to go ahead and connect the nets.

Once the Script is done executing, you might notice that some devices seem to be misplaced on the schematic by one grid point or so.

This is due to the fact that Eagle uses a Center point as a reference in placing devices. In some devices, the symbol is drawn such that the center point cannot fall on a grid and will have to be drawn on a grid around the actual center point.

When Workshop exports a device, it will locate a devices true center and use that to place the device. However, since Workshop uses a different coordinate system than Eagle, devices that have centers different from the TRUE CENTERS can end up being misplaced. There is nothing that we can do about this. You will have to adjust these parts by hand.

The finished schematic.