In this example, we will look at exporting a Workshop schematic to Eagle layout and then using the Autorouter to route the board.

Run Workshop and open the circuit that you wish to export to Eagle PCB.

You will first have to make sure that each Device has the correct package or else it will go over to Eagle as an unfound part or one that is using a "dummy" package.

When you're satisfied that all package information is correct, export to Eagle PCB by going to the "File->Eagle->Expor to Eagle PCB". This command creates an Eagle Script that can be read by Eagle Layout.

Once this is done, run Eagle and create a new empty board. Then run the script that was generated by Workshop. Eagle should start reading in the script and placing packages on the blank board.

The next step is to place the packages according to your needs.

Then use the autorouter to have Eagle automatically route the board for you.

Please note that this is just a quick example and should be in no way interpreted as correct PCB design and methodology. We just wish to illustrate the process of exporting from Workshop to Eagle for layout and routing.