B2.Spice A/D Device Editor

db_ed.gif (19032 bytes)

To help you maintain the library of parts, B2.Spice A/D comes with a separate Device Editor, which used to be called Database Editor in the previous versions. The Device Editor, pictured below, allows you to add new parts or edit any existing device. Access and edit the guts of any device, from primitive device model properties to symbols and names. Assign PCB packages to any part or edit any assignment.  Add your own PCB package if you can't find what you are looking for. With the Device Editor, adding new parts is a simple process consisting of a few clicks.

Create a Part from a Circuit


B2.Spice A/D features functionality for creating and storing custom parts. These parts can even be parametrized. Just follow the simple three-step process to creating a new part:

  1. Simply draw out the circuit for your new part.
  2. Add in subcircuit port markers (found in the Parts -> Markers menu).
  3. Choose the "Create Part from Circuit" feature found in the File Menu and follow the prompts.