The heart of the integration between Eagle PCB and B2 Spice A/D v4.2 is the ability to export any Eagle schematic to Workshop. Below is an illustration of the process.

We will take an Eagle schematic and export it to Workshop.

The first step is to make sure that you have already unzipped the Eagle libraries and the ULP needed to convert Eagle schematics to Workshop into the appropriate Eagle subdirectories. The zip file should have been installed with B2 Spice A/D v4 in the same directory and is named "". Unzip the ULP file to Eagle's ULP directory and the *.lbr files the Eagle's LBR directory.

Run Eagle and open any Eagle schematic.

Export the schematic by running the ULP "bbSpice.ULP", which should translate the schematic into a format that Workshop can read.

Once the ULP is finished running, look in Eagle's root directory for the file that was created. It should be named the same name as the schematic that it was made from, with a .BDF extension. For example, if your schematic was named "your_schem.sch", the ULP output will be called "your_schem.BDF".

Run B2 Spice A/D v4 and go to the "File->Eagle->Create Circuit from Eagle file". A dialog box will pop up asking you to locate the BDF file that was created by the ULP. Select it and Workshop will start the process of importing the Eagle schematic.

During this process, Workshop will import each part, seeking part matches in its database. If it finds a match, the part will be inserted automatically. If not matching part is found, only the symbol will be imported. These parts will not have any part in any simulations you run and wil be displayed in RED.

Also if your schematic was made using Eagle version before version 4, then if Workshop doesn't find a symbol match in the database, it might pop up an error message like the following:

This is just telling you that Workshop cannot find an equivalent symbol in the Database and will import the symbol directly. Like the symbol-only parts that Workshop finds in the database, these directly imported symbols will also NOT have a simulation model and will not figure in any simulations. You can choose to view all these messages by clicking "yes" or you can bypass this by clicking "no".

Also, you might receive an error message saying that Workshop does not support Eagle buses.

This is just warning you that any buses in your Eagle schematic would not have been imported into Workshop. In this case you will have to manually use Workshop's rippers and combiners in place of Eagle's buses.

The imported schematic should now be displayed in a Workshop circuit.