B2.Spice A/D Graphs

See a movie of B2.Spice's graphing capabilities in action:

Graph Toolbar | Graph Customization | Advanced Graphing

With B2.Spice A/D's graphing module has ben vastly improved. The graph window is usually generated automatically when a Test is run. It contains a Status Bar, located at the bottom of the graph window. It displays such information as current cursor position as well as caliper information if the calipers are active, and Delta data, which indicates the difference between two points.

Some of the graph's capabilities include:

  • Analog and digital signals in one graph
  • User editable signal list - display only the plots that you want
  • Vertical and horizontal calipers
  • Custom plots - add your own plots using our library of mathematical functions
  • Combine plots and signals from any other graph, circuit, or simulation result
  • Independent plotting scales
  • Optional independent graphs for each signal
  • Precise measurements between any two points on a graph - click one to mark the first point and hold and drag the mouse.  The X and Y difference are displayed at the bottom of the legend.
  • Show next maximum and minimum and zero crossing command locates and labels these points on the plot.
  • Log for both X and Y axes
  • Selectable graph fonts and plot colors
  • Stretch vertical/horizontal
  • Custom zoom
  • "Deep" subcircuit plotting
  • Signal family grouping
  • Easy copy and paste export to other programs to quickly put together reports