Accessing the Parts Database


See a movie about adding parts in B2.Spice A/D:

Part1 | Part2

B2.Spice A/D has more ways than ever to quickly search and find the exact part you are looking for. And to increase productivity even more, B2 Spice now comes with a Parts Palette that you can add your most commonly used parts to for quick access.

From the Toolbox, the Parts Tab allows you to quickly browse parts by function, name, or manufacturer.

Also in the Parts Tab of the Toolbox, the Parts Palette will display a window that you can fill with a list of the parts that you want.

Customizing the palette is as easy as selecting from the list of available database parts in the lower window and clicking the ADD PART button. Your selected part will appear in the top window, ready for selection and placement. Removing a part from the palette is as easy as selecting the part in the palette and clicking on the REMOVE button.

The Devices menu allows you to directly select the most common parts from the database. Just a quick scroll and click will allow you to place resistors, capacitors, generic diodes and transistors, and other common devices, as well as meters and sources to quickly build your circuit. The Devices menu also contains a Parts Browser that allows you to place a variety of filters to find and preview the exact part you are looking for.