B2.Spice A/D Schematics

Starting with B2.Spice A/D v4's already intuitive interface, we added new features and streamlined others to help make B2.Spice v.5's schematics the easiest and most powerful on the market. The new 2014 Release preserves the simplicity and intuitiveness of the previous versions and adds a large set of new keyboard shortcuts for most generic parts.

Tools to draw and manipulate your circuit are now found in the main toolbar. In addition controls for the display and appearance of the schematic can also be controlled through the toolbar. Quickly toggle tools, grid display, borders, titlebox, and other display characteristics with just a click!

Schematics are vastly configurable.  Some of the schematic options now include:

  • Grid spacing, resolution and visibility
  • Wire colors
  • Node/pin colors
  • Visible title box and page borders
  • Scalable symbol sizes and ANSI and DIN symbol styles
  • Part text display and font control
  • Perpendicular wiring or wires with any angle
  • And much more...

With the new Parts tab in the Toolbox window, quickly browse the large Parts Database for the exact part you need. In the Parts tab, you can sort parts by Name, Function, or Manufacturer. You can even populate the user-defined Parts Palette with your own most-commonly used parts. And with the unlimited levels of undo and redo, schematic editing is virtually foolproof.