B2.Spice A/D Simulation Mode

B2.Spice A/D has two modes for analyzing a circuit:

  • An non-interactive Test mode with defined parameters for each test.
  • An interactive Simulation mode, which runs indefinitely until it is reset by the user.

The Simulation mode is controlled by the main toolbar and consists of the Reset, Pause, Step, Walk, and Run buttons. These control the progress of operation of the Spice simulation. The Step Ceiling and Update Interval settings control how the Simulation progresses and how often the results are updated.

Unlike Tests, the only thing required to run a simulation is that you press the green Run button to start the simulation. Once the simulation is running, the simulation can be paused by clicking on the Pause button. Resume the simulation by again pressing the Run button.
The Step button increments the simulation time by one step and pauses. Each subsequent click of the Step button increments the simulation by another step.

The Walk button starts the simulation and carries it forward by the walk factor.

The Simulation runs a continuous Transient simulation on the circuit starting at time zero and incrementing by the Step Ceiling setting. Results of the Simulation are displayed in either the schematic with the Circuit Visualization or any of the Virtual Instruments. The results are refreshed by the time specified in the Update Interval setting.