B2.Spice A/D Tests

Tests are located in the Toolbox window and represent the traditional analyses found in SPICE. Unlike the Simulation mode, Tests must be set up and run through a set range.

Click below for more information on a specific test or analysis type:

Transient Test
Operating Point (DC Bias) Test
DC Sweep Test
DC Sensitivity Test
AC Frequency Sweep Test
AC Sensitivity Test
Small-Signal Transfer Function Test
Distortion Test
Pole-Zero Test
Network Analysis Test
Noise Analysis Test

In addition to a single test, each test can also be swept over a range of available parameters from the circuit and its devices. This means, for instance, that you can now step a resistor's value in any of the 12 tests. Learn more about Parameter Sweeps...

Like parameter sweep tests, a Monte Carlo analysis can also be performed on each test. Learn more about Monte Carlo Sweeps...