B2.Spice A/D Virtual Instruments

See a movie of B2.Spice's Virtual Instruments in action:

General | Oscilloscope

One of the exciting new features of B2.Spice A/D is the addition of Virtual Instruments.

Select from one of 10 instruments to power, test and analyze your circuit. Most instruments can only be used in Simulation mode (continuous Transient simulation) while a few are used to power and stimulate the circuit. Some instruments perform their owns analysis of the circuit.

All instruments are set up and viewed in the Instrument Panel that can be hidden when not in Simulation mode.

Click below for more information on the specific instrument:

Distortion Meter
Frequency Plotter
Function Generator
Gain Meter
Power Supply
Transient Signal Recorder

Watch a movie covering Ammeter, Voltmeter, and Wattmeter.
Watch a movie of Oscilloscope in action.

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