Windows and Projects

B2.Spice A/D has changed the way that windows are arranged and appear. The biggest difference is that now all windows are "tabs" in a larger Project window. Projects contain all the files associated with a particular circuit, including any graphs, netlists, and other related files. All Project files will appear in one window with the different Project files as Tab at the bottom left of the window. If you load a new circuit, it will automatically open in a new Project Window. More than one Project can be open at once.
In the picture below, the main Project window contains the circuit (tut2), a graph (tut2.graph(1)), and the circuit netlist (tut2.netlist).

To switch between to a different view, just click on the Tab that you wish to view. The Project window can be arrainged so that the Tabs are displayed side by side or one atop another. To do so select the layout you wish from the Layout button in the toolbar.